>> Calendar 2016

The Black & White calendar SAND STONE NUDES was once again shot in infrared. A long lasting wish came true with this project, since i like rock climbing very much and wondered always if there is a good way to combine it with nude photography The table top edition 13x22cm is limited to 50 copies!

>> Calendar 2015

Black & White calender of flowers & nudes. Inspired by the delicate forms of various blossoms i went to the studio various times througout the year with beautiful woman and my medium format camera! (A limited signed edition of 50 on photographic paper 13x19cm sells at €20)

>> Calendar 2014

TwiLightCorners is the title of the upcoming calender, that is on sale now! All pictures are taken with a 14mm lens on slide film and depict street scenes in Dresdens Äußere Neustadt Quarter at the edge between day and night. (A limited signed edition of 50 on photographic paper 13x19cm sells at €20)

>> Beyond Light 2014

Black & White calender of nudes. Inspired by the Brücke artists the invisible infrared light spectrum was captured in these shots and gave the skin chinalike appearance ...well Meißen is not far away! (A limited signed edition of 50 on photographic paper 13x19cm sells at €20)

>> Calendar 2012

The Black & White calendar Prießnixen accompained the summer photo project 2012. The table top edition 13x22cm was limited to 50 copies sold out!

>> Calendar 2013

The calendar DRESDNER BRUNNENNYMPHEN was the final leg of a concept that started 2009. For me there is often something missing in fountains. The Nymphenbad in the Dresden Zwinger was the inspiration. Beautiful women combined with flowing water create a great viewing pleasure to most of us. The print edition 13x21cm was limited to 50.

>> Calendar 2010

This Calendar is titled: now comes colour. It features images of my than new SIGMA SD14 camera, which to me is still the most analog digital camera . All pictures share the diffent perception of scenes that rarely make sense in my beloved b&w photography The printed edition (table top 13x19 cm) is limited to 15.

This calendar wilderness out the front door features Prießnitz, a little creek in the north of my home town. With two small children i started to appreciate my close surroundings much more and i am always surprised how close wilderness is! The print edition (table top 13x19 cm) is limited to 19.

in 2007 i produced a calendar of black & white Photographs after a four year break. The printed edition was limited to nine. All photographs were taken in 2007 on 35mm film. There was no particular concept. To me it is a very personal selection of situations and issues with some graphical appeal.

This calendar is titled Water & Skin. It explores the interaction between these two entities direct and in-direct. Water dominated landscapes, reflections and projections on human skin build the portfolio for the twelve pictures. The printed edition (table top 13x19 cm) is limited to 15.

This years Calender 120 years art and free thinking at the lakes around Moritzburg was photographed with an vintage Rolleicord 6x6. It's the first outlet of an ongoing Project exploring the cultural heritage of this area and focuses on the BRÜCKE Sujets 1909-1912. The printed edition (21x21 cm) is limited to 50.
Travel and Towns
>> 636m rationality

In August 2013 germanys most expensive rivercrossing Waldschlösschenbrücke opened to the traffic, but was on the other hand the reason for Dresden loosing it's world heritage status. It is impressive, but not beautiful at all. And it really destroys a very special landscape, that is now lost forever. (MDR-Radio German)

>> Russia

In the Summer of '07 we travelled to Russia and were stunned by the diversity. On one hand there wer the rich Bisnessmen that filled the Streets of Moscow and on the other side ther were the train rides and metro stations which barely changed over the last 80 years. After two weeks in Moscow and Kaliningrad we were relieved to cross the border into Lithuania, which ment Europe ...again! (2007)

>> Fotomarathon

In 2013 I took part at the Dresden Fotomarathon for the first time. It was quite some experience to expose just one frame on each of the 10 topics within 4 hours. It was especially hard since you had to accept the given sequence of topics. On June 22nd the Jury will take their decision! So keep your fingers crossed. By the way: It was very nice to shoot on slides again!

In 2003 i spent some time in California. Recently i rediscovered a roll of film shot within two hours at the 4th of july around Fisherman' s Wharf/ Pier 39 in San Francisco. Each face has some kind of story in it. And even the details, e.g. the paper wrapped beer can, are certain signs of a time and place that already seems far away and long time ago. (2003)

>> My Studio

The Studio I share with other artists is situated in an abandoned spring factory close to the center of town. 2016 could become the last year since the ground was sold and urban developement is about to start! I captured it on vintage 1992 hp5+ with my favorite lenses 85 & 14 mm on a NIKON F3


Irish coastlines are always intriguing to me and this series of the biggest island in county Antrim will be a starting point of a book project that combines the photographs that I took there 26 years ago with the ones from my recent journey to the green island (2019)


These Photographs were taken within an hour in and around Genevas Art Museum in 2018, all with my beloved 85mm lens on Kodak Gold 200. They explore the emptiness of a Museum between two exhibitions and the ongoing search of the photographer for structures that takes a frame to become a picture.


One odd morning @dusseldorf medienhafen with an Agfa APX 100 loaded in my camera I was happyly exploring the staight and sometimes disturbing structures with the randomity of the silver grain found in the emulsion of this classic film (2019)

Nude Art
>> Beyond Light

Inspired by the Brücke artists i went to places around Dresden to take photographs of beautiful woman. I utilised the invisible infrared light spectrum that captures the heat of an object and gave the skin chinalike appearance ...well Meißen is not far away! The prints are sold @ Kunst und Eros


...for two month from November 2011 on I was given the chance to show the results of my nude and nature project to the public in a well frequented Café OOSTEINDE in Dresden. It seemed, that the people liked it. I am very happy to live in a place, where nude photography is well appreciated and where public spaces can serve as a studio. (2011)

>> Fountain Nymphes

This exhibition displays most of the prints shown at the Kunst und Eros Gallery between 11/12 and 03/13. They are 30x21 cm silver gelantine prints in an edition of 10. This project succedes the idea of Prießnixen and will be concluded by this years Gardenfairies! So watch out this summer ;-) The prints are sold @ Kunst und Eros (for 70 € incl. passepatout)

>> Projections

The models interact with the projected slide, because all slides have a connection to the respective model. One is an artists, with her paintings projected. An other one took pictures of italy that reaveal her body on second views only. A third model always wanted to live by the sea. For me body projections offer a great way to reveal something, photograhy often hides: Personality The Pictures are taken between '02 and '08

>> Triology

A threefold project of nude photography ('98-'02) working with the same model. Approching the same subject at different times with different photographic techniques was a big challenge. The first session silver-black brought about low key pictures printed on silver backed paper. After that, high key images linen-white were printed on linen. The last set of pictures water-clear features water drops on transparent film.

>> Dark PhantasyI met this model, when she just started a professional career as a model beside her main job. The work was much fun because there was a great mutual understanding of what could be visually achived with a marvelous body in high key light situations. Her boyfriend came with her along to the studio and added some great ideas as well. (2008)

>> sporty J

I got to know J when I was casting models for my summer project 2012: Fountain-Nymphes. She was also interested to add some beauty and fashion shots to her sed card. Since the summer came late this year and did not allow for outdoor shootings in the fountains until now we met in the studio for some high-key works that turned out very beautyful! (2012)

>> Steampunk

Dark brassed bars are a special places that provoke inspirations and expectations in many of us. I was glad to get a chance to shoot in one of the best bars in Town with someone, who knows what to wear and how to appear to start this cinema in our heads. Thanx to Side Door & yve (2014).

>> Tisa in Infrared

Following last years pursuit to combine nude climbing with infrared photography I went to Tisa to use advanced infrared techniques to take photographs with beautiful Miluna in the geat landscape of northern Bohemia around the village of Tisa. (2015)

>> flugtag

flugtag (flight day) aims to keep the dancers strenght in the middle of all attention by removing any distractive elements from the setting. Every movement during the flight is frozen by the flash and enhances the hyperreal impression of the poses. (2021)

Special Techniques

The last time I shot in the invisible infrared light spectrum was 1994 during my photography classes in Belfast. The Sigma SD14 allows me to get into the matter again, which is a great pleasure to me. The gallery shows the particular strenght of infrared: no smog, high contrast and the brightness of everything alive! All pictures show my hometown on two idle days in may 2010.

I bought a 13x18 cm camera in 1995. It was already hard to find suitable film sheets for this old german format by than but is impossible today. In '98 i shoot the first pictures straight to cibachrome paper and was delighed by sharpness, appearance and the uniqueness known only from much smaller polaroids. In 2009 I decided to use this format again because it sounds so odd to create a high- end paper print without any electricity. (2009)

nowadays we can stitch digital images to impressive panoramas, but there is still a analogue mechanic alternative around. The rotating lens cameras NOBLEX from Dresden and HORIZON202 from Russia. I was lucky and got one to use during the summer of '14! Loaded with 35mm Film it creates impressive images with a 120° angle of view. Have a look!

>> Recescy TLR

In January '14 I opened the smallest camera assembling workshop world wide to built a Recescy TLR as an art performance. I am very pleased with the results this camera is able to capture. There are many hipstamatic and instagramm or however called apps that can only imitate the real thing!

>> Switch Panorama

is a new approach to medium format slide photography resulting in unique 15x6 cm Panels that deserve a close look to explain themselfes. The pictures of this gallery were shot in Eastern Tyrolia on a 25yo Roll of AGFA RSX 200 with unpredictable results! (2017)


The new Polaroid Originals 600 pack film was used to take portraits of artist at a pop up exhibition called "Wundertüte" in dresdens art venue blaueFABRIK. All 16 Originals were on display througout the duration of the exhibition. (2018/19)

Jobs 4 Clients
>> Icy Days

This exhibition was already due last year, but with the current cold days it got the round up it deserved. Ice is a very intersting material that alters the shape of familiar things or views temporarely. Therefore it is perfectly suited for photografic records. The Photographs in this Gallery were taken along the Prißnitz creek and Elbe river (2012/13)

A year ago I got the first macro lens in my photographic career. I did not miss it until than, but now i love to explore the microstructure of things and realise, that a still photograph gives you the time to appreciate the beauty of the little things man and nature have created and which we often overlook. This gallery shows selected images form the circle of the year. (2012)

>> Capture a Congress

Recently I got the chance to take the official photographs of an two day congress with 700 participants and 60 exhibitors at Dresdens premier congress venue. The challenge was to capture all aspects and find dramatic viewpoints/ settings. Well, the client was happy and asked for next year already!

...of an artist is a 2011 studio project. It centers around the multiple expressions of flammendiva a dancer and fire artist who lives in Dresden. When working in the Studio i love the total control of light witch provides me with the means to reveal all the different aspects of a person and the diversity of facial expressions in my photographs. Some of the pictures will be used in promotional material of the artist.